Selling Your Used Blu-Rays is Easy!

All Blu-Rays you sell to us need to be in playable, nice condition. We don’t pay money for scratched or damaged discs (or cases).


Set up a shipment!

Email us at with the amount of blu-rays you’re sending and the approximate weight of the box. We’ll send you pre-paid shipping labels.

For a shipment of five or more blu-rays, we’ll reimburse shipping costs, up to the cost of shipping by USPS Media Mail. If you choose to ship it another method (not media mail), we'll only reimburse up to the equivalent media mail cost. Shipping reimbursement will be added to the total we pay you for your blu-rays.


Mail us the Blu-Rays!

Use the shipping labels we’ve provided, or ship your items and receive reimbursement for USPS Media Mail postage costs. To use the postage we send to you:

Put the blu-rays you are selling to us into a box or soft package, either one is fine.

Print the postage we have sent to you, and affix it to your package.

Give the package to your post person, OR drop the package off at your local post office.

Media Mail packages have tracking, so, you can make sure your package is delivered to us.


Get Paid!

After we receive your box, it takes about a 3 days for us to evaluate them and make an offer. If you like our offer, we can mail you a check or send the money via Paypal. If you decline our offer, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

Find out what we pay:

If you’d like to know what we pay for your items you can enter the movie title or barcode here and create a buyback list for all your items.

Barcodes include the tiny “check digits” at the beginning and end of the main bar code numbers

Buyback List prices are subject to condition evaluation once we have the items.
Please include a copy of the list with your shipment

We also buy CDs, DVDs, Games and Cassettes by mail

Whereas every genre of blu-rays are desirable, most dvds we pay significantly less than blu-rays. The dvds that are most valuable are genres like cult, horror, criterion, foreign, classics, westerns, gangster, Disney classics, most tv box sets (although we get overstocked on some titles, like Friends or Sex and the City) etc. Most common action/comedy/thriller aren't worth much any more, but we'll still buy them, it's just that the price we offer will be in the .05-.10 cent range.

For CDs, we want to buy rock, rap and hip hop, soul and funk, jazz, blues, metal, punk reggae, latin and world. We do not want country, pop vocalists of yesteryear, big band, new age, or easy listening.

As with Blu-Rays, all CDs, DVDs and games need to be in clean, playable condition for us to pay for them.

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