28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later

Palmer, Alex

SKU: 024543824435

UPC 024543824435
Release Date 2012-09-11
Studio 20th Century Fox
Discs 1
Format (unknown)
MPAA Rating Not Rated
Synopsis This two-pack features both the original and sequel to Christopher Boyle's well regarded post-apocalyptic thriller. 28 DAYS LATER: 28 DAYS LATER: This post-apocalyptic thriller is set in an empty, haunting London after a deadly, Ebola-like virus has swept through the city. Jim (Cillian Murphy), a bicycle messenger who was in an accident just days before the outbreak, is one of very few survivors who awakes 28 days later to a city that has been evacuated and is now utterly lifeless. He wanders the vacant streets of London feeling as if he's trapped in a never-ending hallucination. However, upon entering a church that is littered with dead bodies, he discovers that he is not alone--the infected are still living. They are violently sick, fast-moving, bloodthirsty zombies who travel at night in ravenous packs. Jim manages to escape the infected and locate a band of survivors--Selena (Naomie Harris), Hannah (Megan Burns), and Frank (Brendan Gleeson)--and they join forces searching for solutions, clinging to hope that somewhere healthy humanity thrives. 28 WEEKS LATER: Danny Boyle's surprise 2003 hit, 28 DAYS LATER, gets the sequel treatment here. Few elements from the first film remain--actor Cilian Murphy doesn't return, and Boyle and screenwriter/novelist Alex Garland take producer credits this time out. In their places step director/co-writer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (INTACTO) and actor Robert Carlyle (TRAINSPOTTING), who bring the original story to its next logical step. The zombies (again referred to as the infected) from the first film have died out and England is ready for repopulation. The American military are slowly bringing British citizens back to London, where a heavily guarded community is picking up the pieces and trying to return to normal life. Carlyle plays Don, a man who has lost his wife but is reunited with his children, Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton) and Tammy (Imogen Poots), near the start of Fresnadillo's film. The two kids soon escape from the heavily guarded community, go off searching for their childhood home, and discover that mom might not be quite as dead as they originally thought. Chaos follows, with the sadistic military and the forlorn survivors battling both each other and the infected.What 28 DAYS LATER had going for it was its horrific freshness -- it earned every ounce of its dread.
Cast Cillian Murphy (Star)
Naomie Harris (Star)
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Director)
Imogen Poots (Star)
Mackintosh Muggleton (Star)
Harold Perrineau (Star)
Robert Carlyle (Star)
Danny Boyle (Director)
Christopher Eccleston (Star)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray Disc Features: Region [unknown]
Language English
Weight 0.20000
Height 0.40000
Width 5.30000
Depth 6.75000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Horror,Suspense/Thriller,Science Fiction
Attribute SensorMatic,Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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