About Time

McAdams, Rachel

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UPC 025192167119
Release Date 2014-02-04
Discs 2
Length 124
Format (unknown)
Synopsis ABOUT TIME is handsomely filmed in a more intimate, hand-held style than previous Curtis features...3 stars out of 5 -- [T]he big draw here is Gleeson, who manages his first major lead with aplomb.4 stars out of 5 -- Smart and sweet, funny and genuinely moving.ABOUT TIME is effortlessly skillful....It's GROUNDHOG DAY crossed with LOVE ACTUALLY...[A] time-travel rom-com with more than romance and comedy on its mind....A charming and touching story.Somehow unsentimental in his sentimentality, Nighy makes shopworn carpe diem platitudes sound like fresh wisdom.As a warm, appealing and uncommonly intelligent dark horse within a stable of overachieving thoroughbreds, this unconventional romantic comedy possesses its own modesty, charm and thoroughly disarming earnestness.Gleeson and McAdams make a touching, lifelike couple... -- Grade: BA young man with the ability to time travel discovers that finding true love isn't as easy as he thought it would be in this romantic comedy from writer/director Richard Curtis (LOVE ACTUALLY, PIRATE RADIO). Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) is 21 and lonely. In the harsh morning light following a depressing New Year's Eve party, however, he discovers a family secret that will change his life forever. Entrusted by his father (Bill Nighy) with the knowledge that the men in their family can time travel, Cornwall native Tim relocates to London to study law, and find a girlfriend. The moment Tim locks eyes with gorgeous Mary (Rachel McAdams) he knows he's found the woman of his dreams. But as soon as they've fallen in love, an unexpected glitch in the time travel renders them complete strangers again. Now, in order to win back Mary's heart, Tim will have to travel into the past time and again. Eventually, he seems to master the process, using his unique talent to create an unforgettable marriage proposal, ensure his wedding to Mary goes off without a hitch, and circumvent a massive traffic jam that blocks their route to the hospital when his wife goes into labor, but in time Tim discovers that the true key to happiness lies not in his ability to fix the problems of the past, but instead make the absolute most of his life in the present.
Cast Richard Curtis (Director)
Richard Curtis (Screenwriter)
Nick Laird-Clowes (Composer)
David Hindle (Supervising Art Director)
Mike Dowson (Sound Re-Recording)
Jamie Edgell (Stunt Coordinator)
Matthew Penry-Davey (Assistant Director)
Lee Sheward (Stunt Coordinator)
Mark Holt (Special Effects Supervisor)
Liz Griffiths (Set Decorator)
John Guleserian (Director of Photography)
Jonathan Rush (Sound Re-Recording)
Richard Cordery (Star)
Lindsay Duncan (Star)
Lisa Eichhorn (Co-Star)
Bill Nighy (Star)
Philip Voss (Co-Star)
Tom Hollander (Star)
Jon West (Co-Star)
Rachel McAdams (Star)
Pal Aron (Co-Star)
Mitchell Mullen (Co-Star)
Tom Hughes (Star)
Natasha Powell (Co-Star)
Domhnall Gleeson (Star)
Harry Hadden-Paton (Co-Star)
Mark Healy (Co-Star)
Margot Robbie (Star)
Clemmie Dugdale (Star)
Catherine Steadman (Co-Star)
Vanessa Kirby (Star)
Jenny Rainsford (Co-Star)
Lydia Wilson (Star)
Ken Hazeldine (Co-Star)
Joshua McGuire (Star)
Will Merrick (Star)
Ben Benson (Co-Star)
Tom Godwin (Co-Star)
Andrew Martin Yates (Co-Star)
Verity Fullerton (Co-Star)
Veronica Owings (Co-Star)
Olivia Konten (Co-Star)
Sarah Heller (Co-Star)
Jaiden Dervish (Co-Star)
Jacob Francis (Co-Star)
Jago Freud (Co-Star)
Ollie Phillips (Co-Star)
Sophie Pond (Co-Star)
Sophie Brown (Co-Star)
Molly Seymour (Co-Star)
Matilda Sturridge (Co-Star)
Tom Stourton (Co-Star)
Rebecca Chew (Co-Star)
Graham Richard Howgego (Co-Star)
Kerrie Liane Studholme (Co-Star)
Barbar Gough (Co-Star)
Jon Boden (Co-Star)
Charlie Curtis (Co-Star)
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Comedy,Feature Film Drama
Attribute Audio Described Content,BluRay HD-DVD,DVD Included,Includes Digital Copy,Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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