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UPC 024543928102
Release Date 2014-08-26
Studio 20th Century Fox
Discs 1
Length 104
Format Color
Synopsis The pleasures of Jane Austen and the horrors of the British slave trade make a surprisingly elegant fit in Amma Asante's handsome period piece.BELLE has a great deal of conviction and is cut from the same emotional cloth as the groundbreaking 12 YEARS A SLAVE.BELLE subtly skewers the absurd rules and hypocrisies of class. But the real takeaway is Mbatha-Raw. -- Grade: B+[A] period film at once sweeping and intimate, about an 18th-century Englishwoman who transcends her historical moment.The movie is intelligently written and well-acted...[W]riter-director Amma Asante has created a complex tale of race, gender, and love that has very clear present-day resonance.4 stars out of 5 -- As Belle, Gugu Mbatha-Raw gives a luminous performance, aided by a script that creates a powerful tension between the formality of the language and the passion of the sentiments.3 stars out of 5 -- [A] handsome historical drama inspired by the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle...Set in 18th century England and based on a real story, Amma Asante's BELLE stars relative Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the title character - full name, Dido Elizabeth Belle. She is the illegitimate, mixed-race daughter of British Admiral Sir John Lindsay and a black woman he had an affair with while serving overseas. Lindsay brings her to his uncle Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) who along with his wife Lady Mansfield (mily Watson) are already raising Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon), another niece the same age as Dido. Though Lady Mansfield fears scandal having a dark-skinned child as part of the home, Dido's father reminds them that his daughter does have the right to live there because of her lineage, and Lord Mansfield, a Lord Chief Justice of Britain, agrees. Belle and Elizabeth quickly become best friends, and when they come of age each begins courting suitors. Elizabeth is pursued by James Ashford (Tom Felton), a smarmy and racist manipulator who wants to marry her in order to please his equally conniving mother (Miranda Richardson) by increasing his own family's wealth and standing, while Dido proves alluring to James' brother Oliver (James Norton). However Dido's deepest affections are for John Davinier (Sam Reid), an idealistic young lawyer who is trying to sway Lord Mansfield on a crucial case before the high court that will have profound implications for Britain's slave trade.
Cast Alex King (Hairstylist)
Alex King (Makeup)
Rachel Portman (Composer)
Maggie Rodford (Music Director)
Rob Ireland (Sound)
Brendan Nicholson (Sound Re-Recording)
Tina Jones (Set Decorator)
Amma Asante (Director)
Ben Smith (Supervising Art Director)
Ben Smithard (Director of Photography)
Jo Wallett (Production Manager/UPM)
Martin Curry (Assistant Director)
Andrew Caller (Sound Re-Recording)
Misan Sagay (Screenwriter)
Michael Solinger (Post-Production Supervisor)
Chris Reynolds (Special Effects Supervisor)
Albert Sharpe (Director)
Xandy Zahla (Camera Operator)
Susan Brown (Co-Star)
David Grant (Co-Star)
Alex Jennings (Co-Star)
Miranda Richardson (Co-Star)
Tom Wilkinson (Star)
Penelope Wilton (Co-Star)
Natasha Williams (Co-Star)
Emily Watson (Star)
Tom Felton (Co-Star)
Timothy Walker (Co-Star)
Rupert Wickham (Co-Star)
Sarah Gadon (Star)
Matthew Goode (Star)
Charlotte Roach (Co-Star)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Star)
James Norton (Co-Star)
Christopher Middleton (Co-Star)
Alan McKenna (Co-Star)
James Northcote (Co-Star)
Sam Reid (Co-Star)
Daniel Wilde (Co-Star)
Lauren Julien-Box (Co-Star)
Bethan Mary-James (Co-Star)
Alana Ramsey (Co-Star)
Andrew Woodall (Co-Star)
Edmund Short (Co-Star)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray Disc Features: Note: Belle: the story Gugu Mbatha-Raw breakout role The power of Belle From painting to screen The history behind the painting Stills gallery Dual Layer Widescreen Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English, French, Spanish DTS HD Master Audio - English, French, Spanish Subtitles - English, Spanish
Language English
Weight 0.15000
Height 0.45000
Width 5.30000
Depth 6.75000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Drama
Attribute Additional Footage,SensorMatic,Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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