Dirty Girl

Dozier, Jeremy

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UPC 013132328898
Studio 20th Century Fox
Discs 1
Format (unknown)
Synopsis Two social misfits hit the road in search of some answers in this broad comedy set in 1987. Danielle (Juno Temple) is a girl with a certain reputation at the small-town Oklahoma high school she attends -- her fashion statements suggests she's either a streetwalker or auditioning for a Mötley Crüe video, and her list of sexual conquests is quite remarkable for her age. But Danielle's disinterest in academics and her sleazy reputation land her in a remedial education program, where she finds herself partnered in a parenting class project with Clarke (Jeremy Dozier), a chubby outcast with zero cool. As they get to know one another, though, Danielle and Clarke discover they have something in common -- they both like boys and that makes problems for them with their peers -- and they become close friends, with Danielle even pretending Clarke is her new boy-toy in front of his homophobic parents (Dwight Yoakam and Mary Steenburgen). However, while both of them dream of getting out of Oklahoma someday, Danielle has a specific destination in mind -- finding the father who abandoned her mom (Milla Jovovich) years ago -- and so she and Clarke hop in a car and hit the road in search of their destiny. Also starring William H. Macy, DIRTY GIRL was the first feature film from director Abe Sylvia.
Cast Keith Campbell (Stunt Coordinator)
Elizabeth Moore (Set Decorator)
Steve Gainer (Director of Photography)
Francisco X. Perez (Makeup Designer)
Linda Cohen (Music Director)
Kelly Vandever (Sound Re-Recording)
Mark R. Lilienthal (Special Effects)
David Moir (Photography)
Jeff Toyne (Composer)
Beau J. Genot (Post-Production Supervisor)
James Currier (Assistant Director)
Tom Marks (Sound Re-Recording)
Solventdreams (Visual Effects Designer)
Paul Jaconi-Biery (Production Manager/UPM)
Abe Sylvia (Director)
Abe Sylvia (Screenwriter)
Bill Szobody (Choreographer)
Aaron Light (Hairstylist)
Carlton Rude (Production Manager/UPM)
Brett Ryback (Music Director)
Gary Grubbs (Co-Star)
Milla Jovovich (Star)
Jack Kehler (Co-Star)
William H. Macy (Star)
Mary Steenburgen (Star)
Deborah Theaker (Co-Star)
Dwight Yoakam (Star)
Melissa Manchester (Co-Star)
Sandy Holt (Voice)
Nicholas Rutherford (Voice)
Jim Cody Williams (Co-Star)
Jernard Burks (Co-Star)
Brent Briscoe (Co-Star)
Jonathan Slavin (Co-Star)
Pat Healy (Co-Star)
Maeve Quinlan (Co-Star)
Tim McGraw (Co-Star)
Rob Boltin (Co-Star)
Andrew Ableson (Co-Star)
Susan Leslie (Voice)
Reiley McClendon (Co-Star)
P.D. Mani (Co-Star)
Hope Levy (Voice)
Mark Sussman (Voice)
John Gidcomb (Voice)
Frank Clem (Co-Star)
Juno Temple (Star)
Nate Hartley (Co-Star)
Talula Holt (Voice)
Nicholas D'Agosto (Co-Star)
Brian Baumgartner (Co-Star)
David Petruzzi (Co-Star)
Natalie Amenula (Co-Star)
Vivian Smallwood (Co-Star)
Elsie Fisher (Co-Star)
Marcella Lentz-Pope (Co-Star)
Jeremy Dozier (Star)
Zach Lasry (Co-Star)
William Horwich (Co-Star)
Madison Meyer (Co-Star)
Grady Lee Richmond (Co-Star)
Juliane Godfrey (Co-Star)
Alexandra Harding (Co-Star)
Miriam McSpadden (Co-Star)
Alexandra Nicandros (Co-Star)
Carolyn Oler (Co-Star)
Brittni Ping (Co-Star)
Marylin Sohlberg (Co-Star)
Katrina Williams (Co-Star)
Chris Compton (Voice)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray Disc Features: Region [unknown]
Language English
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Drama
Attribute Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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