Woodley, Shailene

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UPC 031398198727
Release Date 2014-08-05
Studio Lionsgate
Discs 2
Length 139
Format (unknown)
MPAA Rating PG-13 (MPAA)
Synopsis Woodley can be wonderful when she’s allowed to show a bit of sass...she easily nails the film’s most emotional, actorly moments...Carlo Poggioli brings a utilitarian expressiveness to the color-coded faction outfits, while Nicholson’s sets excel at industrial grunge...Woodley's strong presence allows her to be all that she can be as Tris, dividing her time between scared and self-confident.Cast chemistry and a strong portrayal of author Veronica Roth’s dystopic world put DIVERGENT a cut above most teen franchises.Woodley, through the delicate power of her acting, does something compelling: She shows you what a prickly, fearful, yet daring personality looks like when it's nestled deep within the kind of modest, bookish girl who shouldn't even like gym class. -- Grade: B+3 stars out of 5 -- Burger handles set-pieces with panache, from an exhilarating zip-lining scene to a mind-trip that recalls Hitchcock’s avian classic.[Woodley,] by virtue of the sheer likability of her presence, keeps you hanging on, keeps you rooting for her.3 stars out of 5 -- Smart, tough and a little bit cool....The cast -- and especially Woodley -- make it sufficiently diverting to merit a place in the action franchise ranks.In a world where the population is divided into factions by personality types, Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) is classified as Divergent. When she uncovers a conspiracy to eliminate all Divergents, she teams with the mysterious Four (Theo James) to find out what makes the powers-that-be so frightened of them. Kate Winslet also stars in this action thriller adapted from the novel by Veronica Roth, and directed by Neil Burger (THE ILLUSIONIST, LIMITLESS).
Cast Steven Kaminsky (Post-Production Supervisor)
Yves DeBono (Special Effects Supervisor)
Anne L. Kuljian (Set Decorator)
Randall Poster (Music Director)
Artist Robinson (Assistant Director)
Bryan Goeres (Assistant Director)
Alwin Kuchler (Director of Photography)
Vincent Lascoumes (Assistant Director)
Junkie XL (Composer)
Mike Prestwood Smith (Sound Re-Recording)
Naaman Marshall (Supervising Art Director)
Neil Burger (Director)
Garrett Warren (Stunt Coordinator)
Tina Anderson (Post-Production Supervisor)
Vanessa Taylor (Screenwriter)
Method Studios (Visual Effects Designer)
Soho VFX (Visual Effects Designer)
Dieter H. Busch (Assistant Director)
Jake Polonsky (Director of Photography)
Scanline (Visual Effects Designer)
Michael Keller (Sound Re-Recording)
Keith Roberts (Animation Supervisor)
Evan Daugherty (Screenwriter)
Cosa Visual Effects (Visual Effects Designer)
John J. Kelly (Production Manager/UPM)
Iola VFX (Visual Effects Designer)
Veronica Roth (Source Writer)
Ada R. Grybauskas (Special Effects)
James McAllister (Production Manager/UPM)
Natasha North (Production Manager/UPM)
Kelly McCarthy (Production Manager/UPM)
Wormstyle (Visual Effects Designer)
Tony Goldwyn (Co-Star)
Ashley Judd (Co-Star)
Scott Roberts (Co-Star)
Kate Winslet (Star)
Ray Stevenson (Star)
Mekhi Phifer (Co-Star)
Bob Rumnock (Co-Star)
Eric Kaldor (Co-Star)
Maggie Q (Co-Star)
Justine Wachsberger (Co-Star)
Shailene Woodley (Star)
Will Blagrove (Co-Star)
Zoe Kravitz (Co-Star)
Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Co-Star)
Miles Teller (Co-Star)
Theo James (Star)
Janet Ulrich Brooks (Co-Star)
Lucas Ross (Co-Star)
Jai Courtney (Co-Star)
Ansel Elgort (Star)
Sophia Marzocchi (Co-Star)
Ana Corbi (Co-Star)
Ben Lamb (Co-Star)
Christian Madsen (Co-Star)
Amy Newbold (Co-Star)
Rotimi (Co-Star)
Clara Burger (Co-Star)
Anthony Fleming (Co-Star)
Ryan Carr (Co-Star)
Alex Hashioka (Co-Star)
Michael Sherry (Co-Star)
Lukas Burger (Co-Star)
Austin Lyon (Co-Star)
Renee Puente (Co-Star)
Chris Hayes (Co-Star)
Alice Bowden (Co-Star)
Elyse Cole (Co-Star)
Efe McWorter (Co-Star)
Christopher Weir (Co-Star)
Doyle Brand (Co-Star)
Faye Jackson (Co-Star)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray/DVD Features: Region 1 Note: Audio commentary with director Neil Burger Audio commentary with producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher Bringing Divergent to Life documentary Faction Before Blood featurette (Blu-ray exclusive) Deleted scenes Marketing gallery Widescreen - 2.39 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English, Spanish DTS HD Master Audio - English, Spanish Subtitles - English, Spanish
Language English
Weight 0.22000
Height 0.50000
Width 5.50000
Depth 7.00000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Action Adventure,Science Fiction
Attribute Additional Footage,Audio Described Content,Director Cast Commentary,DVD Included,Includes Digital Copy,Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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