Dredd 3D

Urban, Karl

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UPC 031398163763
Release Date 2013-01-08
Studio Lionsgate
Discs 1
Length 96
Format Color
MPAA Rating R (MPAA)
Synopsis [The movie] constantly impresses on a visual level, with a gritty style more akin to cult hits like DISTRICT 9 or 28 DAYS LATER than to standard Hollywood comic-book blockbusters.3 stars out of 5 -- DREDD gets to lean hard on the slo-mo button, letting blood, water droplets and broken glass shiver beautifully in stereoscopic space.Director of photography Anthony Dod Mantle creates an evocative dirty-neon future world. -- Grade: B+The film eschews the customary origin story in favour of immersion. We don't know why Dredd is as he is, nor why Mega-City One is as it is, and it's something of a relief...3 stars out of 5 -- [T]he stylish sci-fi film makes some eye-popping and unexpected choices that add up to one heck of a fun film.A feared urban cop takes on a vicious city drug dealer in a futuristic metropolis as director Pete Travis (VANTAGE POINT) and screenwriter Alex Garland (28 DAYS LATER, SUNSHINE) team to bring iconic 2000A.D. lawman Judge Dredd to the big screen. In the future, much of North America has been poisoned by radiation. The sprawling urban jungle Mega City One stretches from Boston to Washington D.C., and in order to keep the growing criminal element in check, police enforcers called Judges have been given the power of judge, jury, and executioner. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the most feared of them all, delivering death sentences with impunity as he fights to rid the streets of Slo-Mo -- a powerful new drug that alters its user's perception of time. In the process of training psychic rookie Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), Dredd receives a report of an incident in a sprawling criminal stronghold ruled by fearsome drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey), and ventures in to investigate. Upon learning that one of her top men has been captured by Dredd shortly thereafter, an enraged Ma-Ma seizes control of her massive 200-story complex, launching an all-out war against the Judges as Dredd and Cassandra find themselves trapped in the belly of the beast.
Cast Max Poolman (Special Effects Supervisor)
Anthony Dod Mantle (Director of Photography)
Glenn Freemantle (Sound)
Mill Film (Visual Effects Designer)
Alex Garland (Screenwriter)
Pete Travis (Director)
Patrick Rolfe (Supervising Art Director)
Grant Hulley (Stunt Coordinator)
Baseblack Limited (Visual Effects Designer)
Joe Alblas (Photography)
Lee Grumett (Assistant Director)
Marisa Sonemann (Production Manager/UPM)
Prime Focus UK (Visual Effects Designer)
Paul Leonard Morgan (Composer)
Megan Tanner (Hairstylist)
Megan Tanner (Makeup)
Anton Moon (Fight Choreographer)
Thomas Olive (Set Decorator)
Kerry Skelton (Hairstylist)
Kerry Skelton (Makeup Designer)
Simone Stubbs (Hairstylist)
Simone Stubbs (Makeup)
Janek Zabielski (Special Effects)
Lena Headey (Star)
Karl Urban (Star)
Rakie Ayola (Co-Star)
Wood Harris (Star)
Langley Kirkwood (Star)
Warrick Grier (Co-Star)
Junior Singo (Co-Star)
Deobia Oparei (Co-Star)
Michele Levin (Co-Star)
Olivia Thirlby (Star)
Jason Cope (Co-Star)
Patrick Lyster (Co-Star)
Domhnall Gleeson (Co-Star)
Rachel Wood (Co-Star)
Nicole Bailey (Co-Star)
Porteus Xandau (Co-Star)
Karl Thaning (Co-Star)
Daniel Hadebe (Co-Star)
Joe Vaz (Co-Star)
Shoki Mokgapa (Co-Star)
Scott Sparrow (Co-Star)
Luke Tyler (Co-Star)
Adele Mngadi (Co-Star)
Emma Breschi (Co-Star)
Tamer Burjaq (Co-Star)
Yohan Chun (Co-Star)
Eden Knowles (Co-Star)
Desmond Lai Lan (Co-Star)
Travis Snyders (Co-Star)
Chad Phillips (Co-Star)
Marty Kintu (Co-Star)
Francis Chouler (Co-Star)
Edwin Perry (Co-Star)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray Disc Features: Note: Mega-city masters: 35 years of Judge Dredd featurette Day of chaos: the visual effects of Dredd 3D featurette Dredd featurette Dredd's Gear featurette The 3rd dimension featurette Welcome to peach trees featurette Dredd motion comic prequel Widescreen - 2.39 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo - English, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 - English, Spanish DTS HD Master Audio - English, Spanish Subtitles - English, Spanish
Language English
Weight 0.20000
Height 0.30000
Width 5.25000
Depth 6.50000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Action Adventure,Science Fiction,Crime/Legal Drama
Attribute Closed Captioned,Includes Digital Copy,Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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