Carrey, Jim

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Release Date 2015-02-24
Studio Warner Home Video
Discs 1
Length 153
Format (unknown)
Synopsis In THE MAJESTIC, Jim Carrey stretches his talents and proves that he can be a credible serious actor with his portrayal of Peter Appleton, a Hollywood B-movie screenwriter who is black listed during the McCarthy era. A car accident costs him his memory, and in the small coastal town where he ends up, he is mistaken for a local hero, presumed dead almost ten years ago in the war. Unable to recall anything of his past in the town, Appleton not only embraces his new identity, but becomes a pillar of the community, restoring hope that the residents lost along with many of their young men in World War II. In the process, he discovers new inspiration, new purpose, and a new life. Director Frank Darabont, true to form, tells a leisurely tale of a man's renewed faith in himself and in others. The film is an homage to old-fashioned values and proud-to-be-an-American patriotism, studded with rock-solid performances not just by Carrey, but by film veterans Martin Landau, Hal Holbrook, and Ron Rifkin, among others. Listen as well for cameo voice overs by Garry Marshall, Matt Damon, and Carl and Rob Reiner....Carrey can create an entire narrative atmosphere simply by acting with his face and it is this ability -- boyish charm balanced on the edge of mania that makes him such a mesmeric screen presence......Capraesque in every atom of its being, the movie gives Carrey the kinds of scenes Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper used to play....One of the year's best...
Cast Frank Darabont (Director)
Frank Darabont (Producer)
Karl Bury (Star)
Hal Holbrook (Star)
Laurie Holden (Star)
Jeffrey DeMunn (Star)
Allen Garfield (Star)
Ron Rifkin (Star)
Bob Balaban (Star)
Brent Briscoe (Star)
Martin Landau (Star)
James Whitmore (Star)
Amanda Detmer (Star)
Mark Isham (Composer)
David Tattersall (Director of Photography)
Karyn Wagner (Costume Designer)
Bruce Campbell (Star)
Michael Sloane (Screenwriter)
David Ogden Stiers (Star)
Jim Carrey (Star)
Jim Behnke (Producer)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray Disc Features: Region [unknown] Note: Deleted scenes Movie within the movie: Sand Pirates of the Sahara-the complete sequence Theatrical trailer Widescreen - 1.85 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo - English, French, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 - English, French, Spanish DTS HD Master Audio - English, French, Spanish Subtitles - English, French, Spanish
Language English
Weight 0.15000
Height 0.25000
Width 5.30000
Depth 6.75000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Drama
Attribute Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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