Man With The Iron Fists

Crowe, Russell

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UPC 025192124624
Release Date 2013-02-12
Discs 2
Length 96
Format (unknown)
Synopsis Directed by the hip-hop impresario turned would-be auteur RZA, of the group Wu-Tang Clan, IRON FISTS is a sweetly sincere, lightly cheeky gloss on the film genre wuxia...No matter the medium, RZA is a world-builder who has conceptualized the contours of the rich, bloody, dense universe he created down to the most insignificant details. THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS is a profoundly visceral experience... -- Grade: B3.5 stars out of 5 -- It's a real film, and a fun one, made with gonzo good humor and plenty of action...3 stars out of 5 -- [A] riot of skulls, dragons, ribbons, smoke, and gushing geysers of grue....The sound design is just as intricate and busy...anchored by a post-hop hop soundtrack of B-movie beats.When the population of a village in rural China must defend themselves against a formidable enemy, a local blacksmith (director/star/co-writer RZA) forges the weapons they need to emerge victorious from the bloody battle to come. Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu co-star in this period action thriller co-written by famed horror director Eli Roth (CABIN FEVER, HOSTEL).
Cast Gregory Nicotero (Special Makeup Effects)
Howard Berger (Special Makeup Effects)
Corey Yuen (Action Director/Arranger)
Fan Kim Hung (Production Manager/UPM)
G. Marq Roswell (Music Director)
Centro Digital Pictures (Visual Effects Designer)
Howard Drossin (Composer)
RZA (Director)
RZA (Composer)
RZA (Story)
RZA (Screenwriter)
Jake McKinnon (Special Makeup Effects)
Chan Kam Chuen (Photography)
Jonathan Wales (Sound Re-Recording)
Marvin R. Morris (Music Editor)
Eli Roth (Screenwriter)
Aileen Seaton (Hairstylist)
Aileen Seaton (Makeup)
John Portnoy (Post-Production Supervisor)
Carter Little (Music Director)
Gradient Effects (Visual Effects Designer)
Chen Su Yuan (Makeup Designer)
Jacob Garber (Special Makeup Effects)
C.J. Stewart (Post-Production Supervisor)
Chan Chi Ying (Director of Photography)
Thomas Chow Wai Kwan (Assistant Director)
Molly Siu Man Yee (Set Decorator)
Arthur Lauwaikit (Special Effects Supervisor)
Cheung Chun Keung (Production Manager/UPM)
Post Matters (Visual Effects Designer)
Dennis Chan (Co-Star)
Russell Crowe (Star)
Pam Grier (Co-Star)
Gordon Liu (Co-Star)
Jon T. Benn (Co-Star)
Lu Wei (Co-Star)
Byron Mann (Star)
Andrew Lin (Co-Star)
Lucy Liu (Star)
Daniel Wu (Co-Star)
Terence Yin (Co-Star)
Rick Yune (Co-Star)
RZA (Star)
Brian Yang (Co-Star)
Jake Garber (Co-Star)
Eli Roth (Co-Star)
Zhu Zhu (Co-Star)
Jamie Chung (Co-Star)
Jia Hong (Co-Star)
Zhou Gang (Co-Star)
Osric Chau (Co-Star)
Cung Le (Star)
Dave Bautista (Co-Star)
Masanobu Otsuka (Co-Star)
Celina Jade (Co-Star)
Darren Scott (Co-Star)
Dong Wenjun (Co-Star)
Andrew Ng (Co-Star)
Chen Kuan Tai (Co-Star)
Xue Jing Yao (Co-Star)
Telly Liu (Co-Star)
Zhan De Re (Co-Star)
Lu Kai (Co-Star)
MC Jin (Co-Star)
Ka-Yan Leung (Co-Star)
Liu Chung-Liang (Co-Star)
Hu Mingwu (Co-Star)
Grace Huang (Co-Star)
Ren Luomin (Co-Star)
Liu Yindi (Co-Star)
Didi Qian (Co-Star)
Yuchen Du (Co-Star)
Betty Zhou (Co-Star)
Beau Vandorens (Co-Star)
Dong Jilai (Co-Star)
Isabella Qian (Co-Star)
Lian Shuliang (Voice)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray/DVD Features: Unrated
Language English
Weight 0.20000
Height 0.30000
Width 5.25000
Depth 6.50000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Action Adventure
Attribute DVD Included,Includes Digital Copy,Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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