Saldana, Zoe

SKU: 014381004137

UPC 014381004137
Release Date 2016-09-06
Discs 1
Format (unknown)
Synopsis This biopic of legendary musician Nina Simone (Zoe Saldana) focuses on the singer in her sixties as she forges an unusual relationship with a younger nurse named Clifton Henderson (David Oyelowo), whom she asks to be her personal assistant and accompany her to the South of France. Henderson is soon forced to deal with Simone's erratic behavior, and he ultimately tries to mount a comeback concert for her in New York City. Written and directed by Cynthia Mort.
Cast Al Schackman (Cameo)
Tim Pedegana (Post-Production Supervisor)
Jan Pascale (Set Decorator)
Gigi Williams (Makeup)
Jimmy Romano (Stunt Coordinator)
Marius De Vries (Music Director)
Tim Gilbert (Stunt Coordinator)
Brian Sipe (Makeup)
Gary J. Coppola (Sound Re-Recording)
Ruy Folguera (Composer)
Cynthia Mort (Screenwriter)
Cynthia Mort (Director)
Cynthia Mort (Dialogue)
Mihai Malaimare (Director of Photography)
Becky Cotton (Makeup)
Gabriel DeCunto (Makeup)
Martha Callender (Makeup)
John Portnoy (Post-Production Supervisor)
Randall James Bol (Post-Production Supervisor)
Level 256 (Visual Effects Designer)
Reliance Media Works (Visual Effects Designer)
Nicolas Harvard (Assistant Director)
Elizabeth Rabe (Hairstylist)
Luis Garcia Gutierrez (Makeup)
Cory McCrumb (Post-Production Supervisor)
Blackfoot (Visual Effects Designer)
Keith David (Co-Star)
Ken Davitian (Co-Star)
Mary Pat Gleason (Co-Star)
Ella Joyce (Co-Star)
Marianne Muellerleile (Co-Star)
Randy Kerber (Co-Star)
Bonnie Bartlett (Co-Star)
Mike Epps (Star)
Michael Vartan (Co-Star)
Zoe Saldana (Star)
David Oyelowo (Star)
Siena Goines (Star)
Kevin Mambo (Co-Star)
Camille Natta (Co-Star)
Anthony Molinari (Co-Star)
Allison Sarofim (Co-Star)
Yasmine Golchan (Co-Star)
Andrei Runtso (Co-Star)
Ella Thomas (Star)
Zack Zublena (Co-Star)
Ronald Guttman (Co-Star)
Ben Latham-Jones (Co-Star)
Stevens Gaston (Co-Star)
Chuma Gault (Co-Star)
Fred Cassidy (Co-Star)
Matthew Hoffman (Co-Star)
Vyann Eteme (Co-Star)
Kit Leonard Dennis (Co-Star)
Marsai Martin (Co-Star)
Nia Imani Hunter (Co-Star)
Michelle deVries (Co-Star)
Mathieu Schreyer (Co-Star)
Al Schackman (Cameo)
Darryle Dunning (Co-Star)
Weight 0.14000
Height 0.50000
Width 5.50000
Depth 6.75000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Drama,Biography
Attribute Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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