Hemsworth, Chris

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Release Date 2014-01-28
Discs 2
Length 123
Format (unknown)
Synopsis [A]n involving Formula One racing drama centered on the nasty mid-'70s rivalry between two drivers who couldn't have been more dissimilar.5 stars out of 5 -- RUSH far exceeds expectations, emerging as one of the most rip-roaring rides of Howard’s career.[N]ot just one of the great racing movies of all time, but a virtuoso feat of filmmaking in its own right, elevated by two of the year’s most compelling performances.Howard delivers the real deal in racing frieworks, but it's the way the film digs deep into the psyches of these risk junkies that raises the bar.4 stars out of 5 -- RUSH wins big, delivering the most exciting F1 footage created for film....It is sexy, funny, full of thrills.It's a classic story of competitors on a headlong collision course, a 450-horsepower movie traveling at 220 miles per hour.Director Ron Howard gives an edgy 'euro' feel to the exciting story of the ’70s Formula One rivals Niki Lauda and James Hunt.4 stars out of 4 -- The story of real-life rival race-car drivers, RUSH brilliantly captures the exhilaration that comes from facing death head-on. It's also an ode to joyous rivalry.The editing keeps each grand prix remarkably clear; especially as the clock winds down, it’s almost possible to feel the grinding motors and splashing mud.3 stars out of 4 -- RUSH, based on 1970s Formula One stars, brings their story to visceral, sympathetic life.Howard shoots the race scenes brilliantly....It’s an effective treatment, especially on the climactic Japanese Grand Prix, in the shadow of Mount Fuji in lethal weather conditions.Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl star as legendary Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda respectively in this biographical drama set during the 1970s, at the peak of their heated rivalry. Both on the track and off, Hunt (Hemsworth) and Lauda (Bruhl) couldn't have been more different. Yet as much as Englishman Hunt's showy public persona clashed with Lauda's reputation for tightly-controlled perfectionism, both men remained bound together by one undeniable fact -- they were both among the best drivers ever to grace the racetrack. When a horrific crash during the 1976 Grand Prix at the Nürburgring nearly claims Lauda's life, however, a grudging respect begins to develop between the two racers as Hunt realizes just how devoted his greatest adversary is to the sport they both love. Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara co-star in a film directed by Academy Award-winner Ron Howard, and penned by Peter Morgan (FROST/NIXON, HEREAFTER).
Cast Ron Howard (Director)
Hans Zimmer (Composer)
Peter Morgan (Screenwriter)
Anthony Dod Mantle (Director of Photography)
Martin Steyer (Sound Re-Recording)
Nick Angel (Music Director)
Patrick Rolfe (Supervising Art Director)
Christopher G. Marshall (Animation)
Casper Leaver (Camera Operator)
Michelle Day (Set Decorator)
Alastair Rae (Camera Operator)
Katie Swain (Camera Operator)
Rodrigo Gutierrez (Camera Operator)
James O'Dee (Stunt Coordinator)
Martin Hartmann (Production Manager/UPM)
Sarah-Jane Wheale (Production Manager/UPM)
Cass Marks (Production Manager/UPM)
Karin Mattsson (Animation)
Francesco Canonico (Animation)
Stefan Korte (Sound Re-Recording)
Lee Grumett (Assistant Director)
Markus Stemler (Sound)
Franklin Henson (Stunt Coordinator)
Ben Joiner (Camera Operator)
Toby Wilkinson (Camera Operator)
Fredrik Bengtsson (Animation)
Arna Diego (Animation)
Tadashi Fujita (Animation)
Benjamin Kousholt (Animation)
Michael Lum (Animation)
Wayne Simmons (Animation)
Double Negative Singapore (Visual Effects Designer)
Pixomondo (Visual Effects Designer)
David Calder (Co-Star)
Hans Eckhardt (Co-Star)
Colin Stinton (Co-Star)
Jay Simpson (Co-Star)
Julian Rhind-Tutt (Co-Star)
Pierfrancesco Favino (Star)
Demetri Goritsas (Co-Star)
Erich Redman (Co-Star)
Douglas Reith (Co-Star)
Alexandra Maria Lara (Star)
Martin Savage (Co-Star)
Akira Koieyama (Co-Star)
Vincent Riotta (Co-Star)
Daniel Bruhl (Star)
Stephen Mangan (Co-Star)
Jamie Sives (Co-Star)
Tom Wlaschiha (Co-Star)
Masashi Fujimoto (Co-Star)
Patrick Baladi (Co-Star)
Olivia Wilde (Star)
Roger Nevares (Co-Star)
Raffaello Degruttola (Co-Star)
Cristian Solimeno (Co-Star)
Geoffrey Streatfield (Co-Star)
Natalie Dormer (Co-Star)
Lisa McAllister (Co-Star)
Alistair Petrie (Co-Star)
Chris Hemsworth (Star)
Christian McKay (Co-Star)
Philippe Spall (Co-Star)
Joe Ferrera (Co-Star)
James Norton (Co-Star)
Anthony Wolfe (Co-Star)
Marcello Walton (Co-Star)
Josephine de La Baume (Co-Star)
Brooke Johnston (Co-Star)
Mark Wright (Co-Star)
Jamie deCourcey (Co-Star)
Xavier Laurent (Co-Star)
Augusto Dall'ara (Co-Star)
Ilario Calvo (Co-Star)
Simon Taylor (Co-Star)
Rob Austin (Co-Star)
Julien Vialon (Co-Star)
Polly Furnival (Co-Star)
Hannah Britland (Co-Star)
Vanessa Zachos (Co-Star)
Val Jobara (Co-Star)
Zack Niizato (Co-Star)
Klaus D. Mund (Co-Star)
Folker Banik (Co-Star)
Andreas Engelmann (Co-Star)
Jochen Kolenda (Co-Star)
Vanda Dadras (Co-Star)
Luca Zizzari (Co-Star)
Alastair Caldwell (Co-Star)
Alan Bayer (Co-Star)
Bob Constanduros (Co-Star)
Christian Feist (Co-Star)
Marco Canadea (Co-Star)
Eiji Mihara (Co-Star)
Rob Cavazos (Co-Star)
Paolo Barone (Co-Star)
Francesco Fronte (Co-Star)
Morris Morrison (Co-Star)
Luca Naddeo (Co-Star)
Marco Napoli (Co-Star)
Cristian Stelluti (Co-Star)
Scott Hopkins (Co-Star)
Jeremy Wolfe (Co-Star)
Weight 0.20000
Height 0.30000
Width 5.25000
Depth 6.50000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Action Adventure,Feature Film Drama
Attribute Audio Described Content,DVD Included,Includes Digital Copy,Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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