War for The Planet of The Apes 3D

Kebbell, Toby

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UPC 024543432227
Release Date 2017-10-24
Studio 20th Century Fox
Discs 2
Length 140
Format Color
MPAA Rating PG-13 (MPAA)
Synopsis 4 stars out of 5 -- [W]owing with its verisimilitude and dazzling with its subtlety. The apes have never been more expressive, and while most still sign rather than speak, the emotion conveyed by their furrowed faces are worth a dozen pages of dialogue.The motion-captured ape characters are the bleeding edge of digital effects, rarely short of impressive.3.5 stars out of 4 -- A stunning amount of WAR is silent...so Giacchino’s score becomes as important as the compositions for pre-sound films in the way it conveys emotion and even internal conflict. It’s phenomenal.It would be hard to overstate just how singular this picture feels in its seriousness of purpose and in its cumulative power to enthrall and astonish.Serkis’s Caesar is a robust, conflicted, full-bodied creation, a reluctant leader who finds himself fighting his inner beast as the movie progresses.Mr. Reeves, who also directed DAWN, has a dark vision, but also a light touch when necessary, and, above all, a commitment to creating a world that is coherent as well as fantastical.[T]he moist dark greens of the apes' adopted habitat have once again been intoxicatingly captured by cinematographer Michael Seresin....The sheer beauty of the film is intense...If you already find yourself on the side of the APES enthusiasts, then WAR will likely be a mind-blowing experience, upping the ante via both its bleeding-edge visual effects and the grim self-seriousness of Reeves’ approach.[M]ore serious and much darker than most big-budget mid-summer blockbusters....And a whole lot more captivating.The film’s imagery is impressively bleak...Reeves spins a gripping, visually stunning and emotionally complex tale of otherness -- one that examines, against its us-vs.-them subtext, not just what it means to be human, but also humane.It’s a rollicking old-fashioned warm weather entertainment juiced with the most cutting cutting-edge effects. -- Grade: B+3.5 stars out of 4 -- [Serkis] plays the charismatic chimp -- a born leader of monkeys -- again with a resonant power and depth of feeling that's nearly Shakespearean. Oscar, get busy: Serkis deserves the gold.When digital cinema captures texture as sensuously and as precisely as this, a film can be a treat not just for blockbuster adepts but for the most rarefied aesthetes too.In the third installment of the PLANET OF THE APES prequel series -- which depicts the events that led to the primates taking control of Earth -- simian leader Caesar (played via motion capture by Andy Serkis) is horrified when his family are killed during an attack by humans on his community. Caesar soon plots revenge on the Colonel (Woody Harrelson), the human military leader behind the assault, which threatens to ignite all-out war between the two species. Directed by Matt Reeves.
Cast Matt Reeves (Director)
Matt Reeves (Screenwriter)
Mary McLagen (Production Manager/UPM)
Michael Seresin (Director of Photography)
Danny Virtue (Stunts)
Mathew Dunne (Assistant Director)
John Clothier (Camera Operator)
John Stoneham (Stunts)
Michael Giacchino (Composer)
Weta Digital (Special Effects)
Douglas Murray (Sound)
Sandy Monesmith (Hairstylist)
J.P. Bagshaw (Set Decorator)
Mark Bomback (Screenwriter)
Pauline Tremblay (Hairstylist)
Corbin Fox (Stunts)
Trevor Addie (Stunts)
Trig Singer (Camera Operator)
Mike Marston (Set Decorator)
Chad Chilibeck (Set Decorator)
Daniel Barrett (Director of Animation)
Shaun Freeman (Animation)
Chris Gilmour (Set Decorator)
Jacques Larrue (Set Decorator)
Balaji Anbalagan (Animation)
Alfonso Sicilia (Animation)
Jyoti Kumar Parasrampuria (Animation)
Eric Daniel (Stunts)
Andy Nelson (Sound Re-Recording)
Nick Stein (Animation)
Will E. Files (Sound)
Will E. Files (Sound Re-Recording)
Adrian Lim (Animation)
Andrew Butterfield (Animation)
Kate Forrest (Animation)
Meghana Gupte (Animation)
James Bown (Animation)
Amanda Moss-Serino (Set Decorator)
Joseph Kim (Animation)
Sandra Lin (Animation)
Marco Spitoni (Animation)
Gregory Earls (Post-Production Supervisor)
Woody Harrelson (Star)
Timothy Webber (Co-Star)
Steve Zahn (Star)
Andy Serkis (Star)
Roger R. Cross (Co-Star)
Judy Greer (Star)
Lauro Chartrand (Co-Star)
Doug Chapman (Co-Star)
Ty Olsson (Co-Star)
Aleks Paunovic (Co-Star)
Alessandro Juliani (Co-Star)
Michael Adamthwaite (Co-Star)
Karin Konoval (Co-Star)
Toby Kebbell (Star)
Sandy Robson (Co-Star)
Thomas J. Potter (Co-Star)
Chad Rook (Co-Star)
Terry Notary (Co-Star)
Gabriel Chavarria (Star)
Max Lloyd-Jones (Co-Star)
Dean Redman (Co-Star)
Sara Canning (Co-Star)
Billy Wickman (Co-Star)
James Pizzinato (Co-Star)
Devyn Dalton (Co-Star)
Amiah Miller (Co-Star)
Steve Baran (Co-Star)
Albert Nicholas (Co-Star)
Shaun Omaid (Co-Star)
delaZerda, Mercedes (Co-Star)
Levi Meaden (Co-Star)
Kyle Horton (Co-Star)
Paul Luongo (Co-Star)
Mathew Yanagiya (Co-Star)
Skye Notary (Co-Star)
Willow Notary (Co-Star)
Notary, Finn (Co-Star)
Phoenix Notary (Co-Star)
Sadie Aperlo (Co-Star)
Matilda Aperlo (Co-Star)
Reeves, Andrew Alexander (Co-Star)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray Disc Features: Note: Disc 1 Blu-ray 3D Feature Film War for the Planet of the Apes in High Definition 3D Disc 2 Blu-ray Feature Film + Bonus Material War for the Planet of the Apes in High Definition Audio Commentary by Director Matt Reeves Deleted Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary by Director Matt Reeves Apes: The Meaning of It All Widescreen - 2.39 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English, French, Spanish DTS HD Master Audio - English, French, Spanish Subtitles - English, French, Spanish
Language English
Weight 0.20000
Height 0.50000
Width 5.40000
Depth 6.75000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Action Adventure,Feature Film Drama
Attribute Additional Footage,Director Cast Commentary,Includes Digital Copy,Widescreen
Product Code Movie

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