Water For Elephants

Pattinson, Robert

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UPC 024543276524
Release Date 2016-06-07
Studio 20th Century Fox
Discs 1
Length 120
Format Color
MPAA Rating PG-13 (MPAA)
Synopsis There is quite a bit to enjoy in a film that certainly qualifies as broad-based popular entertainment....The romance of the carnival is strong in this film...3 stars out of 5 -- [Witherspoon] brings a nicely nuanced ambivalence to her role.Pattinson and Witherspoon smolder under the golden gaze of Rodrigo Prieto's camera.3 stars out of 4 -- The production designer, Jack Fisk, has created a believable one-ring circus here, and even the train itself has a personality.[C]inematographer Rodrigo Prieto brings much of the elegance he displayed in BIUTIFUL and BABEL to this film, building on the colourful, carnivalesque look of his earlier FRIDA.A handsome veterinary student falls for a married circus performer in this romantic drama adapted from author Sara Gruen's best-selling novel, and directed by Francis Lawrence (I AM LEGEND). When Jacob (Robert Pattinson) meets Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), it's love at first sight -- their shared affections for an extraordinary elephant stirring profound feelings of compassion within both of them. Theirs is a love that could span lifetimes, though the wrath of Marlena's dangerously domineering husband, August (Christoph Waltz), threatens to spell tragedy for all involved.
Cast Mark Byers (Special Effects Supervisor)
Jim Erickson (Set Decorator)
James Newton Howard (Composer)
Richard LaGravenese (Screenwriter)
Joe Ramsey (Special Effects)
Rodrigo Prieto (Director of Photography)
Francis Lawrence (Director)
David Olson (Music Editor)
Wes Mattox (Special Effects)
Lona Vigi (Hairstylist)
Lars P. Winther (Assistant Director)
Jeremy Peirson (Sound)
Colleen LaBaff (Hairstylist)
Ken Rudell (Special Effects)
Kevin Halloran (Production Manager/UPM)
Robin Fredriksz (Makeup)
Steve Austin (Special Effects)
Joe Klein (Special Effects)
Tami Lane (Special Makeup Effects)
Karen Teneyck (Computer Graphics)
Kate Biscoe (Makeup Designer)
Steve Sosner (Special Effects)
Alexandra Patsavas (Music Director)
Tracy Phillips (Choreographer)
Crazy Horse Effects (Visual Effects Designer)
Sara Gruen (Source Writer)
Sebastien Stella (Choreographer)
Chris O'Hara (Stunt Coordinator)
Howard Berg (Special Makeup Effects)
Keith Suzuki (Special Effects)
Chad Holmes (Special Effects)
Sam Anderson (Co-Star)
E.E. Bell (Co-Star)
Andrew Connolly (Co-Star)
Ken Foree (Co-Star)
Bruce Gray (Co-Star)
Brad Greenquist (Co-Star)
Tim Guinee (Co-Star)
Hal Holbrook (Star)
Jim Jansen (Co-Star)
James Keane (Co-Star)
Reese Witherspoon (Star)
John Aylward (Co-Star)
Karl Vincent (Co-Star)
Aleksandra Kaniak (Co-Star)
James Frain (Co-Star)
Scott MacDonald (Co-Star)
Christoph Waltz (Star)
Jim Norton (Star)
Donna W. Scott (Co-Star)
Ilia Volok (Co-Star)
Paul Schneider (Star)
Johnny Britt (Co-Star)
Glen McDougal (Co-Star)
Kacie Borrowman (Co-Star)
Mark Povinelli (Co-Star)
Robert Pattinson (Star)
Richard Brake (Co-Star)
Russell Stark (Co-Star)
Beresford Bennett (Co-Star)
Chobi Gyorgy (Co-Star)
Dreya Weber (Co-Star)
Tracy Phillips (Co-Star)
Doug McDougal (Co-Star)
Todd Cochran (Co-Star)
Bobby Haynes (Co-Star)
Joe Langer (Co-Star)
Mike Davis (Co-Star)
Stephen Monroe Taylor (Co-Star)
Kyle Jordan (Co-Star)
Ivo Nandi (Co-Star)
Karynn Moore (Co-Star)
Rowan O'Hara (Co-Star)
Tai (Co-Star)
Uggie (Co-Star)
Ice (Co-Star)
Major (Co-Star)
Sita Acevedo (Co-Star)
Danny Castle (Co-Star)
Michael Coronas (Co-Star)
Aloysia Gavre (Co-Star)
David Hunt (Co-Star)
George Landkas-Coronas (Co-Star)
Kerren McKeeman (Co-Star)
Rebecca Ostroff (Co-Star)
Bianca Sapetto (Co-Star)
Katia Sereno (Co-Star)
Vladimir Sizov (Co-Star)
Sebastien Stella (Co-Star)
Lee-Anne Telford (Co-Star)
Tara Ferguson (Co-Star)
Shannon Freyer (Co-Star)
Kelsey McNamee (Co-Star)
Molly O'Neill (Co-Star)
Aryiel Hartman (Co-Star)
Michelle Lavon (Co-Star)
Mark Barnett (Co-Star)
Kelly Erickson (Co-Star)
Derrick Gilday (Co-Star)
Jonathon Moore (Co-Star)
Mary Newman (Co-Star)
Brad Potts (Co-Star)
Dalmicio Pueblos (Co-Star)
Gabriel Ramos-Gomez (Co-Star)
Jackie Zane (Co-Star)
Aaron Bloom (Co-Star)
Chris Grabher (Co-Star)
Eddie Medrano (Co-Star)
Stephen Simon (Co-Star)
Jon Weiss (Co-Star)
Tom Weymouth (Co-Star)
Wyatt Biessel (Co-Star)
Chris Blim (Co-Star)
Duff Dugan (Co-Star)
Marcus Everett (Co-Star)
Stefan Rollins (Co-Star)
William Scott Morse (Co-Star)
Evan Silverman (Co-Star)
Garnett Brown (Co-Star)
George Harper (Co-Star)
Wynton McCurty (Co-Star)
Deryl Patterson (Co-Star)
Kabin Thomas (Co-Star)
Rob Crites (Co-Star)
Keith Friddmont (Co-Star)
Sounds/Subtitles Blu-ray Disc Features: Note: Exclusive Robert Pattinson Spotlight Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon Secrets of the Big Top The Traveling Show-Page to Screen Audio Commentary Dual Layer Widescreen - 2.35 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English, French, Spanish DTS HD Master Audio - English, French, Spanish Subtitles - English, Spanish
Language English
Weight 0.20000
Height 0.50000
Width 5.00000
Depth 7.00000
Format Code Blu-ray Hi-Def DVD
Library Subject Feature Film Drama,Romance
Attribute Standard Screen
Product Code Movie

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